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Kids Halloween Party Playlist

For our next Music Monday, we’re venturing into a genre of music that’s often overlooked, but full of Halloween spirit…

kids halloween party, kids halloween music
(If the embedded playlist above isn’t showing, click here to listen to the playlist directly on Spotify!)

Allow us to introduce you to your new favorite niche genre of Halloween music!

In case you’re wondering how we happened upon these gems, Devin actually found a collection of kids’ Halloween songs last year that were so ridiculous, so catchy, and just so perfectly Halloween-spirited that we kept them on repeat in the last few days as the season wound down. And when we started getting to work on this year’s playlists, one of the first ones we knew we would be featuring was one the whole family could enjoy… Kids Halloween Party!

As someone who spent a good number of years working at a radio station geared towards a younger audience, I’ve seen firsthand that it’s a genre of music that’s often shrugged off or overlooked entirely, despite there being a huge market for it! It’s true that the audience for this type of music is constantly shifting as kids grow and develop interests in other genres (i.e. it becomes “uncool”), but just as they go, a new group comes along (with their parents in tow!) and in that way, there will always be demand for kids music.

And if there’s anything kid/family-focused entertainment (be it a TV show, musical artist, etc.) loves, it’s special holiday themed episodes or releases. So throw some Halloween spirit into an already delightful genre, and you’ve got a frightfully fun playlist for the whole family!

So as we were putting this playlist together, we had two audiences in mind: folks in the online Halloween community with kids or who have littles in their lives and are looking to enjoy some spooky tunes together as well as Halloween fanatics who might want to get back in touch with their own inner child… and I’d say we’ve got a little something here for everyone!

Of course, we’re not just talking versions of novelty classics sung by or for kids, though there is no shortage of those out there. These are fully fledged, Halloween songs that celebrate the magical whimsy of the holiday! And to round out this playlist, we decided to include Halloween songs from popular TV shows alongside classic Disney Villain songs we all know and love. We even wind down a bit toward the end and sign off with a peaceful lullaby that will have us all dreaming of pumpkins before we know it.

So gather the troops and press play – Kids Halloween Party is sure to keep the frights alive for the whole family all season long!

kids halloween party, kids halloween music, family halloween party

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