There’s A Storm Coming

“There’s a storm coming, kids,” the old man sitting at the park warns Mallory and her friends, although there isn’t a cloud in the sky on that gorgeous fall day. They shrug it off, but over the following days, there’s no denying that something strange is going on. All of the adults in town seem to be dazed, stuck in an anxious melancholy while whispers of an impending storm are heard at every turn. And with frightening things happening in the night as the annual Harvest Festival approaches, Mallory starts to wonder if there might be a far more sinister truth behind the old man’s warning.

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The Modern Witch’s Measure for Moonlight, Magic, and Mulberry Pie

A witch’s work is never done, especially on a day as busy as Halloween! There’s treats to be baked, decorations to be put up, and, of course, jack-o-lanterns to be carved. Thank goodness for those witchy abilities, right? But the Coven of the Midnight Garden is in for quite the surprise this year. They wake on Halloween to find their magic gone, taken by a mysterious woman at the edge of the woods. And if they don’t work together to celebrate a good old-fashioned Halloween, they may never have their magic restored.

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