Your Best Halloween Ever: Year Four Recap

This is not a drill: Halloween 2021 is just hours away!! And before our favorite holiday officially arrives, we’re taking a look back at our fourth year of tips, tricks, and treats on Your Best Halloween Ever!

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The Night of the Pumpkins

Do you ever wonder what happens in a costume shop on Halloween night? When the last costume is sold, everything’s locked up, and frightful festivities commence as the stores sit empty? Moon’s Magic Midway is a costume shop unlike any other, and Mr. Moon, the latest in a long line of Mr. Moons, is winding down from his first Halloween season overseeing the store. But when the sun sets on Halloween and jack-o-lanterns flicker to life all over town, the Night of the Pumpkins is just beginning, and this is bound to be a night Mr. Moon won’t ever forget.

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